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Information for motorcycle riders
by motorcycle riders and mechanics

A resource site about owning a motorcycle, buying a motorcycle, riding your motorcycle and fixing your motorcycle...

By Roger Chartier:

You may have taken a digger because someone cut you off

Or jacked up their brakes right in front of you!

If you have ever felt like it wasn't your fault, you are possibly wrong.

I know from first hand experience - a long time ago.

It is a story for another time but...
It may be time to learn some defensive driving tips. You might well stay alive longer.

Have you ever paid a mechanic a lot of money to fix your motorcycle,

And then realized that you could have probably done it yourself?
Take some time to learn some ways to fix it, and tips for doing it both easier, and doing it well.

Did you ever go motorcycle camping?

I love motorcycle camping and do it a few times a year. There are so many ways to go about it from a one man mini tent to a full camping rig with a trailer.

Do you belong to a motorcycle organization?

Here is a list of some really good motorcycle organizations that can be a great resource for information once you join.
Here are some that you might want to join. I am a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association - great bunch of people.

Anyone need a motorcycle manual?

There might be one waiting for you here on the motorcycle manuals page

Selling or buying a bike?

Don't do the deal unless the bill of sale has all the info you need to register and title it.

It's Springtime, and your bike is a mess

So you uncover you bike in the springtime, only to find that the carbs are all gunked up, and there is rust where you wish there wasn't.
 You really should know how to winterize the bike before you put your motorcycle away for the winter.


What are your state helmet laws?

Look it up here. After I landing on my head as a result of a crash, my motorcycle helmet undoubtedly saved my life.

Do you know what Tclocks are?

Find out what Tclocks are -read about it


Check out the cool bikes below

2012 Goldwing -
2012 Honda Goldwing

I am the author (Roger Chartier) of this website, and I ride a Goldwing. I have owned several bikes.

 I used an image of a Kawasaki that I owned early in my riding career to show below.

That bike was a nice bike to have but I felt I was too heavy for it on the highway and I wanted to pass any one who got in my way, for safety reasons, that is.

 I felt like I was on a bicycle at highway speeds so I went up to a bigger bike. The Kawasaki 440 LTD is a great bike to learn on as it is lighweight and easy to handle. Great for backroads!

I sold it to a woman who had just dropped her boyfriends brand new bike and needed one of her own to drop.

Kawasaki 440LT -  harley sportster
MotorCycle hearse -

Motorcycle with sidecar - Shanghai -

 Above a 1980 or so Kawasaki 440LT - A new Harley - A motorcycle hearse and a Chinese motorcycle with sidecar.